Safescraper® Twist a versatile cortical bone collector
The Safescraper® Twist

Safescraper® TWIST provides an easy method to obtain ideal autologous cortical bone for grafts in any type of defects with a minimally invasive technique.The exclusive cutting performance of the blade allows cortical shavings to be collected, while preserving maximum cell vitality, which is essential for graft integration. The bone collected is already combined with blood and ready to be positioned in the defect, or it can be temporary maintained in aseptic conditions in the transparent chamber.


  • Ergonomic design - Cortical bone harvesting is easily achieved from intraoral sites with
    a minimally invasive approach.

  • 2.5 cc transparent collection chamber - Large amounts of bone may be collected at once. If necessary, chamber may be emptied and scraper may be used again on same patient.

  • Bone is collected with coagulated blood - Graft has high biological plasticity, making it easy to handle and mold.

  • Curled shaving morphology with a mean length of 1.3 mm - Porosity and low density of autogenous graft allow angiogenesis.

  • Superior harvesting method - The manual harvesting technique allows graft to retain cell viability that can be compromised with other harvesting techniques that mill, grind, or potentially overheat bone.

  • Safe - The disposable scraper is sterile and allows clinicians to harvest autogenous bone, which eliminates any chance of disease transmission.


The Safescraper® Twist curved with a chamber capacity of 2.5cc is available in packages of 3 units.

  • Ready to use: the disposable device is presented in individual sterile packages. Its sterility in an undamaged package is guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Minimally invasive: the manual harvesting technique is nontraumatic and well tolerated by the patient.

  • Useful: cortical bone can be harvested from any intraoral site, including near to the bone defect.

  • Versatile: it is the ideal device for both extensive and minor harvesting procedures. Its curved tip version facilitates access in all intraoral donor sites.

  • Convinient: The side opening of the chamber allows for better device stability