Our keystone products are for bone grafting material; calcium-based alloplasts and demineralized bone matrix (DBM) derived allografts. These products are suitable for an array of indications ranging from orthopaedic bone grafting procedures in trauma, spine and implant placement to dental bone regeneration and grafting for functional, cosmetic and aesthetic results. Dental procedures include extraction socket grafting for ridge preservation sinus augmentations and bone remodeling for subsequent implant placement. Other allografts in our portfolio include cortico-cancellous bone blocks, cancellous and cortical bone particles suitable for use in ridge and sinus augmentations.

Our range of barrier membranes is composed of bovine collagen, porcine collagen, extra cellular matrices, placental allografts, and PTFE. These barriers were developed for ease of use in guided tissue regeneration and guide bone regeneration procedures. These are complemented by our other dental products such as wound dressings and tissue adhesive closure products all designed to facilitate successful surgical results.

Surgical procedures cannot be performed without surgical hand instruments. To meet this need we offer the entire range of the highest quality martenstitic steel (also known as stainless steel) dental instruments available today.

Our cutting edge medical technology specialized instruments include innovative and unique medical devices as the Penguin RFA that uses resonance frequency analysis which provides accurate and reliable diagnostic feedback on the stability of dental implants.

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