Neomem® FlexPlus
Native porcine peritoneum
Strong performance with a supple touch!
Neomem® FlexPlus is a single layer collagen membrane derived from porcine peritoneum.
Suture pullout testing has shown this membrane to be biomechanically strong yet conformability evaluations demonstrate the ability to adapt to the contour of the surgical site. Neomem® FlexPlus hydrates quickly and handling characteristics make surgical placement easy. It can be repositioned easily and placed wet or dry and with either side up. Additionally, in vitro testing of Neomem® FlexPlus shows low tissue inflammation and foreign body giant cell response.
Overall Advantages:
• High suture pull out strength
• Excellent draping
• Lower inflammation
• 3-4 month resorption
• Easy handling
Compared to Bio-Gide®¹:

• Neomem® FlexPlus has 3 times the suture pull out strength compared to Bio-Gide® and resorption time of 3-4 months. Neomem® FlexPlus can be repositioned once placed.

• Lack of memory means that Neomem® FlexPlus drapes and conforms to the defect site and since both sides are the same, it is easy to place.
Longer Resorption Rate
• Compared to Bio-Gide®, Neomem® FlexPlus’ animal in vivo resorption profile suggests that Neomem® FlexPlus is more stable.
Less Inflammation
• In vivo pre-clinical testing demonstrates that Neomem® FlexPlus produced a lower level of early inflammation than Bio-Gide®, and Neomem® FlexPlus shows a lower level of giant cell response.

¹Li ST, Yuen D, Martin D, Shishido Lee N. 2015. A Comparative Study of a New Porcine
Collagen Membrane to Bio-Gide®. Science, Technology, Innovation. Data on file.

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Available in convenient sizes:
15x20 mm,
 20x30 mm &
30x40 mm

neomem membrane
neoguarde membrane