Neomem® resorbable collagen membrane
Neomem membrane is a type I bovine collagen matrix and is indicated for use in guided tissue procedures to enhance wound healing.
Neomem advantages
Higher mechanical strength for membrane stabilisation in situ using either sutures or resorbable tacks.
Longer in vivo stability and resorption time, 26 - 38 weeks, for sustained function.
Optimised flexibility and rigidity for better space maintenance which allows for desired tissue in-growth.
Either side of the Neomem can be placed towards the soft tissue or bone.
Easily trimmed and placed, wet or dry.
Neomem® features
          • Highly purified type I collagen fibres derived from bovine Achilles tendon

          • Gamma irradiated to sterilise

          • Nonpyrogenic

          • Suture pull out strength between 290g and 350g

          • Cell occlusive - retards epithelium down growth

          • Macromolecular pore size allows nutrient transfer

          • Exceptional clinical performance and easy in situ placement

          • Excellent safety profile

          • High mechanical strength allows the use of sutures or resorbable tacks


Available in 3 sizes: 
15x20 mm,
 20x30 mm &
30x40 mm

neomem membrane
neoguarde membrane