NeoGuarde® resorbable collagen membrane
NeoGuarde is a resorbable porcine collagen dental membrane for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR ). This type I and type III collagen is manufactured using unique cross linkage technology that provides the membrane with its ability to maintain barrier functionality for 4-6 months.
NeoGuarde advantages

Purified collagen from skin

Collagen type I and III

Conservation of the fibrous structure (mechanical strength)

Biocompatible and safe

Cells occlusive

Easy to use

NeoGuarde® features

Conforms perfectly

          • Easily cut to size, shaped and applied.

          • Easy to place with no need to tack or suture the material.

          • Exceptional tissue adherence during application.

          • Flexible and adaptable to varying bone topographies.


Incredibly tear resistant

                          • Mechanical strength tested for tensile strength and suturability.

                          • Membrane elastic resistance > 1N and at the suture line > 0.5N during in vitro testing.


Available in 3 sizes: 
15x25 mm,
 20x30 mm &
30x40 mm

neomem membrane
neoguarde membrane
neoguarde membrane