Cytoplast® Titanium-reinforced, high density PTFE membrane
Often used with on-lay grafting in ridge augmentation procedures, Cytoplast® titanium-reinforced membranes provide clinicians with a titanium frame to maintain space during guided bone regeneration. These membranes are also popular for adding structural support when grafting 3 or 4-walled extraction sites.
Although primary closure in ridge augmentation procedures is recommended, Cytoplast® Ti-250 membranes incorporate a high-density PTFE base that is engineered to withstand exposure as long as soft tissue has 360° coverage around the edges of the membrane. The textured Regentex™ surface increases the surface area available for cellular attachment, thereby assisting in stabilization of the membrane and prevention of soft tissue retraction.
CytoPlast® Ti-250
Increased membrane stability
The patented Regentex™ surface helps stabilize the membrane and the soft tissue flap.
Regentex™, textured, high density PTFE backing prevents migration of bacteria into wound if exposed. Edges remain soft and supple to prevent flap complications.
· Membrane can be molded and shaped for tenting and space maintenance
· Regentex™ surface increases stability of membrane
· Impervious to bacteria (data on file at Osteogenics)
· Membranes can be trimmed to desired shape
· Titanium frame has little memory for easy placement
Convenient membrane configurations
With convenient configurations, little trimming is necessary to fit a variety of defect sizes, however, membranes can be trimmed according to clinicians' needs.

250 μm thickness (boxes of 2)
12x24mm (boxes of 10), 25x30mm (boxes of 4)
GBR-200: 12x24mm (boxes of 10), 25x30mm (boxes of 4)


neomem membrane
neoguarde membrane