Eclipse™ Granules & Putty

Using the mineral building blocks naturally found in human bone, Eclipse™ goes a step beyond the realm of everyday hydroxyapatite (HA) and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) with its unique combination of micro and macroporosity technology.
The Eclipse key to balanced bone regeneration is its unique ratio between micro and macro porosity and its unique ratio between HA and ß-TCP.

Product composition

70% overall porosity
- 2/3 macroporosity
- 1/3 microporosity

Eclipse™ Granules, a 100% synthetic (20% HA, 80% TCP), cost-effective bone graft matrix used as an alternative to biologic osteoinductive products.

Eclipse™ Putty is an innovative and moldable bone graft, composed of Hydroxyapatite (HA), Beta Tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) and a hydrogel.

Micro & Macro ratio

Microporosity (pores <10µm) allows the diffusion of biological fluids, by the capillary action, into the three-dimensional matrix. Inside the fine pores of the matrix, biological fluids dissolve ß-TCP producing calcium phosphate ions that are released back into the biological fluids. This saturation of ions leads to precipitation of apatite crystal identical to that of the natural bone minerals. Shortly afterwards, this process creates a surface that promotes bone cell adhesion.

Macropores (300 to 600 µm) promote a deep invasion of osteogenic cells by osteoconduction. Through the same resorption and formation cycle as the natural bone remodeling process, new bone increases progressively at the expense of Eclipse.


Eclipse Putty

By combining the
complete interconectivity
of Eclipse granules with
a carrier, the handling
properties are greatly
40 - 45% Hydrogel
(highly diluted HPMC)

Eclipse availability
in a Vial

500-1000 µm:
0.25, 0.5 & 1 cc

1000-2000 µm:
2 cc

in a syringe

500-1000 µm:
0.5 cc &
1 cc (2x0.5cc)

in a syringe

500-1000 µm:
0.5 cc & 1 cc